Interview: Fiona Ryder über Lokal TV in UK und die Notwendigkeit zu teilen

Datum: 08.07.2014

Fiona has extensive experience in senior leadership roles in the media, film, TV and technology sectors. An innovative former commercials producer, she has spent the last 20 years, developing media propositions in the broadcast, digital and out of home markets. Over the past two years Fiona has taken Mustard from a concept to a new local TV station, broadcasting daily to an audience of up to 320,000 people in the Greater Norwich area, UK. Mustard was the first "from scratch" channel to launch in the UK having been awarded a licence by UK regulator OFCOM in September 2012. Fiona studied Film and Photographic Arts at the University of Westminster (BA Hons) and is a Director of a number of companies in the UK.


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