Diskussion: Future of Digital Media - Rebuilding TV in the Platform Age

Datum: 21.10.2015

The toolset for building a sustainable television company has changed. As consumers become increasingly device-agnostic and the concept of television further expands, advertising technology, content publishing systems, data management tools, multichannel networks and others have become building blocks for the new television. Through mergers, acquisitions, research and development, platforms like Google, Facebook and Amazon have developed horizontally and vertically integrated ecosystems for the production, distribution and monetization of content and audiences. Similarly, broadcasters have started to reimagine themselves and begin to use these new building blocks to assemble their future. In a panel of German and international experts, we explore how broadcasters in Germany, Europe and the US approach these new tools. We trace investment and innovation strategies, ask whether broadcasters need to become ecosystem builders themselves, and how they are uniquely positioned against global platform competition.

Daniel Knapp, Senior Director Advertising Research IHS

Yoav Arnstein, Head of International, Liverail/Facebook
Arnd Benninghoff, Deputy CEO MTGx, Stockholm
Joel Berger, Industry Leader Entertainment & Media Google Germany
Gina Nieri, Director Institutional, Legal, Strategic Analysis, Mediaset
Rhys Nölke, Senior Vice President Strategy, RTL Group, Luxembourg

Daniel Knapp, Senior Director Advertising Research IHS


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